Welcome to Floridapecans.com’s at the Broad Ridge Ranch, Chattahoochee, Florida, featuring our popular Shelled Pecan Halves and our In-Shell Pecans. We focus primarily on pecans, but offer a variety of items from Gift Baskets to Pecan Wood Smoking Chips, Pecan Firewood and various Pecan Nut Crackers and picks.
































































January 2015:

We are no longer actively harvesting or selling product. Thank you very much for your business over the years. We greatly appreciate your patronage!

The Floridapecans.com URL and website are FOR SALE. Please email floridapecans@yahoo.com with inquries.




The orchards at the Broad Ridge Ranch, 100% family owned and operated, are over 30 years old with a smattering of Grand-Daddy Pecan trees over 50 years old! Located in Chattahoochee, Florida, just minutes from Southwest Georgia and Southeast Alabama, our orchard is located in a part of Northwest Florida unlike the image of traditional Florida. Chattahoochee mirrors Georgia more with it’s lush forest lands, vast farm land, hills and lack of palm trees. We have all four seasons, including a hard frost each year, which does not hurt the trees at all. The Pecan industry is so labor intensive, winter offers the only short break of the year. We do occasionally supplement shelled pecan halves when stock runs low with nuts from local tri-state growers. All in-shell pecans are from our orchard only.

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